Final Blog Post: 10/17/16

Well, it looks like this is the last blog post for the semester! (Maybe, I’m seriously considering keeping this bad boy rolling. I like it so far.)

The last few weeks, we have been doing some of my favorite projects of the year. The interactive, non-linear presentation may be the best thing we do all year, just because of its usefulness in the classroom. Even though it took a long time to make, I never minded it, I actually enjoyed writing in all of the different answers, and creating the entire quiz. I used it in class with my students when we talked about figurative language late last week, and I could tell that they enjoyed it because it was interactive, something they could do as a class. What I enjoyed the most from it was that it made the students I had actually stop and think about their answers, because they didn’t want to click the wrong answer and be wrong in front of the whole class. That peer pressure and public exposure sometimes can be a good thing when it comes to students, because it makes them SLOW DOWN, and take their time answering questions. Interactive presentations will absolutely be making a comeback in our classroom in the near future.

Something I saw a lot of potential in was the iMovie/podcast module, I just think it would take time to PREPARE. If I had the time, it would be fun and interesting to make a lecture through iMovie, and then throw in a few slides, a few pictures, and make it an entire interactive lecture. That might be something I try in the near future! (time permitting.)

I feel as the year has progressed, the technology we have covered has gone from things I’ll hardly ever use, to things I could use in class every day if I could. I’m sad we are wrapping up, because surely there is more out there for us to cover!!


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